Destination Brand Management

Our approach places brands at the centre of a network of relationships that must operate from a powerful central platform with a common singular purpose, even though they focus on different contributing end-goals. This platform forms the core of the brand in both content and context, and must be based on reality for the value proposition to be believable.

Our Destination Brand Management areas of expertise include:
 Image building and marketing themes
 Marketing messages and materials
 Selection and management of a communication channels portfolio
 Building and sustaining media relations (via partnerships)
  Establishing high-impact external representation in selected markets, trade shows and exhibitions

Knowledge Relationships & Partnerships

Knowledge is about people and their relationships. It connects businesses with stakeholders - from employees, to suppliers, to clients. Business management is heavily based on decision-making, as alluded to by Nobel Prize winner Herbert Simon.

 Our approach is to first understand the context of how the knowledge is to be used, its relevance and value. The reliability and trustworthiness of the source determines the value attached to it. Our role is to add value to the information captured, and present it specifically with the intention of making it as easy as possible for the intended audience to internalise as useful information, and make appropriate decisions

Client Targeting

“Managing the sales pipeline”
  The reality in establishing and sustaining a competitive business advantage is to provide superior value to clients. Fully and deeply understanding a client’s environment, their wish-list and their identified client targets, is vital to developing a sound strategy and achieving better business results.

 Client targeting involves a rigorous, well planned research process of understanding client needs, doing an experience-benefit analysis to trigger interest, and to identify the most relevant and value-added channels to engage decision-makers.

 This entails a carefully tailored businesses package, articulating benefits that will appeal to a particular market segment and clients. It’s an intensive knowledge-based relationships approach - our fundamental way of developing superior business solutions.

Lead Generation & Representations

Using tried and trusted lead generation processes, we’re able to provide clients with qualified business intelligence and timely leads. This process follows an intense knowledge gathering process and database development of decision makers. The database development incorporates industry sector, organisation size and location. The process, as a knowledge-based relationship, connects clients with target organisations, and secures invaluable time spent with the right decision makers.

These benefits include:
Enhanced planned business missions and exhibitions
 Appointment-setting with the right organisations and key people
 Recommended trade missions and exhibitions in line with lead generation
 Client representation and feedback at business meetings

Creative Communications

Creative and strategically-based communications are vital for organisations to collaborate inside with one mission - and to collectively compete outside with one mind-set.

 Our project teams thrive on shared communications. All our work, whether it’s focused on strategic, cultural or behavioural change, or partnership development is largely influenced by strong creativity and design to reach, attract and persuade people to believe in new, innovative ways of doings things.
 In our approach, we manage an overall portfolio of channels for greater impact, informed by a thorough analysis of target audiences. This analysis assists in how we structure information, and customize where required, making sure nothing is left to chance.

Our communications capabilities include:
Developing umbrella creative campaign concepts
 Implementing print, digital, audio-visual and publishing solutions
 Copywriting, scriptwriting and graphic design services
  Social media campaign development and management